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HL7 Pakistan Members Directory

S. No. Name Membership Type
1 Dr. Hafiz Farooq Ahmad Employee of member organization
2 Dr. Khalid Latif Employee of member organization
3 Dr. Hamid Mukhtar Employee of member organization
4 Mr. Maajid Maqbool Employee of member organization
5 Ms. Humaira Nasir Employee of member organization
6 Ms. Hera Naz Student
7 Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center Benefactor 1
8 Mr. Shamyl Bin Mansoor Employee of member organization
9 Mr. Bilal Ali Employee of member organization
10 Ms. Sana Khalique Employee of member organization
11 Mr. Muhammad Bilal Employee of member organization
12 Mr. Muhammad Afzal Employee of member organization
13 Mr. Maqbool Hussain Employee of member organization
14 Ms. Uzma Jabeen Student
15 Mr. Bilawal Sarwar Student
16 Ms. Saima Sadaf Student
17 Mr. Dildar Hussain Employee of member organization
18 Ms. Saba Chaudhary Student
19 Mr. Faheem Nawaz Khan Employee of member organization
20 Mr. Yasar Khan Employee of member organization
21 Mr. Arslan Ali Student
22 Mr. Muhammad Waseem Panhwer Student
23 Mr. Akbar Ali Student
24 Mr. Ahmad Ali Raza Student
25 Mr. Talal Hassan Student
26 Mr. Muhammad Waqas Student
27 Mr. Muhammad Hamza Asad Student
28 Mr. Osama Misbah Student
29 Mr. Maaz Hasan Hanfi Student
30 Mr. Ghalib Ahmed Tahir Student
31 Mr. Mahmood Ahmad Sheikh Student
32 Mr. Nabeel Sattar Student
33 Mr. Jamshaid Qamar Employee of member organization
34 Mr. Muhammad Kamran Baig Professional
35 Interactive Group of Companies Organization
36 Ms. Shagufta Umer Employee of member organization
37 Ms. Mehtabl Alam Khurshid Employee of member organization
38 Dr. Arshad Ali Employee of member organization
39 Mr. Zahid Ali Ashraf Professional
40 Ms. Sara Ahmad Student
41 e Clinician International - Lumi Soft Organization
42 Mr. Imdad Ali Student
43 Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Malik Student
44 Mr. Muhammad Usman Mansha Student
45 Mr. Mazhar ul Haq Student
46 Mr. Syed Zahid Shah Professional
47 Mr. Akhtar Ali Professional
48 Mr. Zafar Iqbal Professional
49 Dr. Saad Qaisar Employee of member organization
50 National University of Sciences and Technology Benefactor 1
51 Dr. Abdus Salam Khan Professional
52 Ms. Tehniat Fatima Student
53 Mr. Syed Salman Raza Student
54 Mr. Waqas Ahmed Student
55 Mr. Pehlaj Rai Student
56 Ms. Umme Farwah Student
57 Aga Khan University Benefactor 1
58 Mr. Abdullah Chohan Student
59 Mr. Muhammad Arslan Tufail Student
60 Ms. Rumaisah Munir Student
61 FINCON Organization
62 Mr. Imran Ali Student
63 Ms. Saman Ifikhar Student
64 Mr. Zafar Ali Khan Student
65 Mr. Abid Khan Student
66 Shifa International Hospital,Ltd, Islamabad Organization
67 Mr. Abdullah Farid Student
68 Mr. Muazzam Hafeez Student
69 Mr. Asif Mehmood Butt Student
70 Mr. Faisal Ahmed Hashmi Professional
71 Mr. Wajahat Ali Khan Employee of member organization
72 The Indus Hospital, Karachi Organization
73 Employee of member organization
74 Hasan Ali Khattak Professional


Over the past decade, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre has established itself as a centre of excellence providing comprehensive care free of cost to thousands of indigent cancer patients. This pioneering, state-of-the-art hospital located in the heart of the Punjab was founded by Imran Khan, one of Pakistan's most illustrious cricketers. As a charitable institute, it is funded predominantly from the donations of friends and well-wishers from around the country and across the world.
Today, NUST is the dynamic face of higher education in Pakistan. Our newly built technology-smart campus in Islamabad nestles not only with some premier educational institutes and research centres but also enjoys the close vicinity of the capital’s industrial sector. More than an exodus to the dream campus (H-12), the relocation of some NUST Schools in the serene setting of the federal metropolis is a giant leap for the University to vie for a prominent place in the unfolding arena of higher education.
Chartered in 1983, Aga Khan University is a private, autonomous university that promotes human welfare through research, teaching and community service. Based on the principles of quality, access, impact and relevance, the University has campuses and programmes in Afghanistan, East Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria and the United Kingdom. Its facilities include teaching hospitals, Nursing Schools and a Medical College, Institutes for Educational Development, an Examination Board and an Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations. It occupies a pivotal place within Aga Khan Development Network.
Abbas Eusofzay